Thursday, October 23, 2008

Things I Learned from Fantasy and Sci-Fi

1. There is real Evil in the World
2. Evil sounds good and taste's bad.
3. Heroes come in all shape's and sizes and can be found in the most unusual places.
4. Shared Joy is Increased, Shared sorrow diminished
5. When all Hope is lost, Keep Going.
6. Thing's are not as they first appear.
7. Evil can never be conquered by Evil.
8. Evil corrupts all it touches.
9. Goodness is NOT common.
10. This life is not all there is.
11. The Greatest Power in the Universe is Love

Monday, October 20, 2008

Dresden Files

Following on the reccomendation of two folks I have started reading the Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher.

If you care about your free time don't read them. You will get sucked in by this page turning phenomena.

I started reading Storm Front last week and I am now about to start on the 6th book in the series.

So Don't read Jim Butcher's awesome Dresden books or you will become an addict like me.

My Name is Durin and I am a Dresdenholic.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Bell at Sealy Head

I am reading the new Patricia McKillip book The Bell at Sealy Head.

I love it, I love all of Patricia McKillip's books but I have found this one to be a real treasure so far. McKillip's books are wonderful escapisim in the best sense of the word. She writes about rich lyrical worlds that leave you with an emense saddness and wonder at what she has produced.

The very best do that.

She does it well.

Also on a personal note my wife and I have been going to counseling and please pray for that process.

I feel like I have entered a new territory in my life and need to keep my ears tuned in to what God would say to me. I need his leading.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Books on CD

Right now I am listening to Abarat: Days of Magic, Nights of War by Clive Barker and I listened to Draco Tavern by Larry Niven on the way to a Vineyard conference in Michigan.

Draco was a great set of stories that contained some heavy cosmic musing. I thought that Niven handled folks with Faith as most hard Sci-Fi folks do, dismissivly. But I have to admire the cosmic issues that he addressed in some really well done stories.

I enjoyed listening to Days of Magic, Nights of War again. I really think Clive Barker has created something special in this series and I cannot wait for the mysterious Abarat book 3.

At the Vineyard conference I attented a workshop on God's Calling. I really feel that I need to commit to writing on a regular basis. I have never been able to get that done before but I do think there are several stories running around my brain that I need to set down in text.

Pray for me in that.